Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Khulke Khushi Lutao ... Pranabda

Khulke Khushi Lutao ... Pranabda
Click Here SME WORLD Bureau (Published in SMEWORLD Mar 2012 Issue)
On the eve of India's Union Budget, I would like to dedicate few lines of a jingle to Pranabda on behalf of all entrepreneurs.
Tum dil se agar puchhoge, Woh khush rehna hi chahe
Toh khul ke khushi lutaao, Ye kya aadha-aadha
Umeedon wali dhoop, Sunshine Wali asha!
This recent jingle of Coca Cola truly captures the desires of all entrepreneurs from this Budget.
And enterprises need sound infrastructure. We need continuous power with steady voltage especially in continuous manufacturing business. Much of the work force is either lying idle due to power cuts or enterprises are spending for generators. Either way it increases cost. The golden quadrilateral must expand and such roads cover more areas to help improve transportation facilities. Spreading industry and trade to the interior parts of the country will increase cost competitiveness and generate employment, improve the standard of living. Mumbai was not built in a day and we should strive to build a million Mumbais.
Zidd hai muskuraayenge, Khush rehne ka hai waada
Budget this year should be a strongly pro-investment one prodding people sitting on the fringes to take the plunge, invest, manufacture and take the world by storm. People should sit up and reckon India's force in global arena. India Inc. awaits that “umeed wali dhoop”!

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