Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back to Basics : The Organic Way

Agriculture is without doubt the mainstay of human beings on this planet. Food security ranks first in any nation's agenda. It is the means of our survival. Due to its immense importance, countries have spent vast resources, employed scientific know-how and technology to improve agricultural yield. The fall out has been depletion in soil nutrients, productivity and chemical buildup in soil and water. This has steadily seeped into agri-products and ingestion of which has lead of accumulation of these harmful materials in animals and human beings alike.
An interesting paper titled “Impact of pesticides use in agriculture: their benefits and hazards” published in the journal - Interdisciplinary Toxicology, Volume 2, Number 1 / March 2009 talks in depth about impact on humans, through food commodities, impact on environment and surface water contamination. It cites references of instances where people are showing signs of hormonal imbalance, cancer, skin, eye eruptions, nausea, reproductive problems etc. The most affected people are those who directly work in the farms.
It is clear that the synthetic means of agriculture though are able to produce certain selected products is not really sustainable. Many developed countries are actively pursuing the alternative to synthetic agriculture – Organic Farming. The quest is for self-reliance and long-term sustainability through use of natural means. 

The Root of the Matter - SAHARIA ORGANIC RESORT

Shri. Binod Saharia
, an Organic Farming enthusiast is actively pursuing his interest in organic farming. He has developed a nice resort which is unique and “hatke” from the regular resorts dotting the map. In Saharia Organic Resort, he provides organic farming and natural living conditions for tourists who can have hands on experience in the farms which is otherwise missing from our gadget-packed urban lifestyle. SMEWORLD conducted an interaction with this visionary to understand organic farming from a practitioner's angle.

Published in SMEWORLD Feb 2012 Issue. Click here to read the entire article

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