Monday, May 16, 2011

Assimilating Product Life Cycle and Marketing Mix

A short discourse on understanding the product life cycle and implementing an appropriate marketing mix to support the product at each stage and elongate the life.
The article was published in the May Issue of TISA.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Withering Heights: SMEs Wilting Under LE Dominance

Published in May 2011 Issue of SME World.
Most businesses have evolved from the entrepreneurial initiatives of one individual or a group of people. The idea behind such initiative is either an innovative product/ service to fill a gap in the market or a banal copy of an existing one with or without a twist. But whatever be the germinating reason, an enterprise does not become a large company from day one unless it is the sister concern of an established large enterprise. Companies have to go through the stages of small, medium and then become large albeit with different rate of growth for each company. Today, though we are constantly berating government and industry policies, banking norms, economic reform measures etc., for the stunted growth of the biggest employment generation segment – small and medium enterprises; it is the large enterprises that are significantly instrumental in impeding the growth in more ways than one. This article aims to look at the various spheres where large industries' (LEs) clout is wilting the SMEs.
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