Sunday, January 22, 2012

MSMEs in 2012 and Beyond - The Sectors That Hold Promise

The initial pseudo-turnaround gave way and the dark clouds of inflation and recession are looming in the background. But unlike my case where I was unprepared, businesses have seen how bad things can go as recently as 2008 – 2009. Most had learnt their lesson and have become frugal and cautious. The economic trend at the end of this year is quite similar and there are lots of uncertainties around. In these days of slowdown, sky-rocketing costs and low investor confidence, some sectors are still resilient and are promising enough to remain focused on or to invest in. These sectors are not gravity-defying areas but highly grounded, essential and reasonably contemporary businesses with tremendous growth potential and market size to fit many. In this article, I will focus briefly on few such sectors which hold fair promises as sustainable investment options for entrepreneurs in the coming years.   
Published in January 2012 issue of SMEWORLD. To read the complete article, click here.

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