Friday, January 6, 2012

The Economic Times Corporate Dossier - Surviving 2012: An action plan for the year ahead

I am deeply impressed with the thoughts shared by many management gurus and authors in ET's CD this week.
Just wanted to share it here.
My personal favorite from all the thoughts is the following:
Deepak Malhotra - Professor at Harvard Business School

In rapidly changing environments, in the face of resource scarcity, and under strong social pressure to conform, individuals and organisations underestimate their ability to control their own destiny, to reshape their environments, and to overcome the constraints they face. But as my recent book, I Moved Your Cheese ( reveals, success in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, business growth - and also personal growth - depends on challenging assumptions and playing by a different set of rules...our own. In 2012, every person and every management team should set aside a day devoted entirely to asking: what are some widely accepted beliefs, or long-standing assumptions, that we should reject in our approach to life and business?

Original Source: Economic Times Corporate Dossier
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