Monday, June 9, 2014

From Desolation to the path of Deliverance

At a time when everything in this country seemed to be in an utter state of desolation and dereliction, the moral fiber of a huge part of this vastly populated country have woken up to their ability, sense of duty and responsibility to bring about the much needed change. This general election proved how the masses are ready to build a new India under the leadership and guidance of a man who has a proven track record. It is a welcome change to see one man and one party being given a clear mandate to rebuild this nation.
Here is someone at the helm of affairs who has the ability to rise above himself and determine pointedly what needs to be done, draw up a road map to achieve it and then deliver the results courageously even in the face of blatant criticism and vilification. Unlike many in the past who have only spoken about few vague words like poverty, food, jobs and empowerment, this man has actually delivered quantifiable results continuously that is open to public scrutiny for veracity. How many such people have we come across earlier who have actually walked the talk?
His humble beginning and his dogged focus for development differentiates from many who came before him or are his contemporaries. This is the man whom we believe will deliver our nation and create our destiny in the years to come. And in his scheme of things to bring about “achche din” small business and enterprises will be in the forefront of his action plan to invigorate this sagging economy.
With a penchant for transparency, streamlining and running a state like an institution, and his Gujarati background; we are confident that there will be a lot of simplification in conducting business; obstacles will be removed to encourage more enterprises to participate in nation building. Here is someone who does not believe in subsidies and doling out freebies, he will create the means and encourage the masses to participate and bring about the change that he has manifested.
We also believe that there will be a systemic transformation. The erstwhile lack of clarity and total ambiguity between policies and actions will be replaced by effective and measurable structured steps. The delivery process will surely bring into the forefront significant part of the half a billion enterprises that are unaccounted for. The small business players will also find a platform to voice their opinion, talk about the changes they seek and even work as partners to witness the same being delivered.
There are no quick fixes but with a man of integrity in place there is hope and promise for a good future. All we need to do now is have faith in our choice and allow for a reasonable time to enjoy the turnaround.

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