Sunday, December 1, 2013

TEAM DEVELOPMENT - An Inspiring Talk by Brahmakumari Disciple Shri. Girish bhai at TSSIA Hall

During a recent visit to TSSIA, Executive Secretary Shri. Sonawane ji told me that we are organizing a good talk on Team Development on the evening of 28th Nov. I was keen to attend the talk and expressed my interest. I was not aware of the speaker’s profile or what exactly can we look forward to.

On the day of the talk, I was stuck in office and at one point thought of skipping the event altogether. However, I was destined for the out of this world experience and the speaker was arriving little late. When I made it to the hall, I was close to twenty minutes late and found a handful of people listening to a speaker from Brahmakumari.

From the point I took my seat, I was hypnotized by the persona, the content of the talk and the sharpness of delivery. With my limited view of the world, I assumed this to be a routine presentation based talk by some Management specialist. I was so wrong and so gloriously wrong.

Girishbhai (whose name I figured at the end of the talk) spoke about the SELF, and the 2 Vital Teams in our lives – the personal one – Our Family and the professional one – Our Team in Office. I never considered my family as a team till date! I always took them for granted. He talked about the relationship between family members, between parents and children, why there are perceived strain in this fine bond and why there is so much anguish amongst all of us. We are too tied up with our lofty expectations and are continuously criticizing and pressurizing both the teams. He suggests that we reflect on our behavior and focus on Appreciating even small efforts rather than mercilessly dissecting each and every mistake. 
He suggested that we start developing Faith in ourselves and then seek out the same in others. Faith, Respect, Recognition and Appreciation will automatically manifest into Love for the self and the team. No amount of money or other material rewards will drive people to perform as undying love for the leader.

A very pointed correlation that Girishbhai drew with life and business is Immune System. He spoke about the need for a strong Immune system in our physical lives and similar resilience in business to withstand any external pressure. How will that happen? Through practice of moderation, control and forbearance.

The highlight of the talk was controlling the Mind through Meditation. He said that as we clean our house and our body by taking bath everyday; our Mind also needs to be cleaned thoroughly and frequently. This will help us to gain control of the wandering mind and focus on what is actually important in life. It is to primarily be in control of our senses, mental faculties, our indriya. 

Our greatest problems and issues fundamentally lie in our inability to maintain a calm attitude while being subjected to uncertainty of life. If we can calm our mind, we will be able to become victorious in anything that we attempt to achieve.

In a nutshell, the talk transformed me forever, as a mother, as a team player in our family business. I hope that TSSIA organizes more such events in future. But it is difficult to encapsulate Shri. Girishbhai’s inspiring talk in words, it is a live phenomenon that can be only heard and experienced. 

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