Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why IT Adoption is no longer a CHOICE but NECESSITY for MSMEs

Doing business in today's world requires well-set systems with various measures and counter measures. Everything needs to be process driven if one wishes to maintain control over the enterprise. The systems may be proper logical or scientific one or just a “system” but there has to be one because that is what tells everyone how to work and manage the functions. But today the business environment and the influence of other extraneous factors have become highly enmeshed and complex. This makes running an enterprise a greater challenge especially for smaller players with limited resources notwithstanding the fact that it is much more complex for the larger players. Thankfully we have several IT/ ICT solutions today to help us find our way through the forest.
But there are skeptics who think that need for IT in business is highly overrated and unnecessary. For those who still question productivity gain can diligently calculate and do accounting of time and money invested in physical management of data vis-à-vis electronic ones.
Published in April 2012 issue of SMEWORLD. Click Here

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