Monday, January 31, 2011

Slew of changes: North Africa and Middle East

Tunisia hit headlines in Indian news recently. There are some upheavals happening in this small North African country.
Timeline of Tunisia on the BBC official website. Click to view.
Some sections of the media are considering Tunisia to soon become as significant as Gdansk, Poland.
Soon after news poured in about the secession of South Sudan from rest of Sudan thus giving rise to South Sudan and North Sudan.
This is now followed by strong movement in Eqypt. Ruler Hosni Mubarak's position seems highly fragile considering the subtle support of defense forces towards their countrymen. Incidentally, Egypt also maintains the important Suez Canal. What will be the implication of political changes in Egypt on the canal? Will it have impact on trade and commerce?
The point to be considered now is that whether this wave of change and civil movement will spread to adjoining nations like Jordan and Syria and subsequently spill over to Saudi Arabia. I believe the people in these countries are now looking for a much needed change and a serious rejuvenation of the entire political, economic and social system. I am no Nostradamus so only time will tell.
Meanwhile, it will be worth following BBC's site on Middle East. Click here
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